Eddie Redmayne & The Theory of Uncertainty Acting

I walk around talking to myself in accents. Usually people look at me like I’m a complete fruit loop.

We do too, Eddie. We do too.

We caught our first glimpse of Mr. Redmayne, acknowledging it was Mr. Redmayne, on a couple clips of Red. Unfortunately we didn’t actually watch the all thing, unless we account for some pirated dubious portions of it, but we were sure some powerful gourmet acting was cooking up in there. He won the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play, which lead us to believe we weren’t that far off.  Now, we don’t mean to sound overly pretentious. We’re not saying we knew the kid would get an Academy Award, we’re just saying that he only won that Oscar because we believed in him, it works the same way as it did with Tinker Bell, you must believe and they will fly. We’re joking, dudes. Let’s clear that out, since, by this point, he has a fair amount of weird fans that could potentially get our address.

To say that we went through this guy’s entire filmography is not just a figure of speech. We truly did. By the end of it, we noticed some insane potencial, some lack of experience, a couple of foolish mistakes, a couple  of out of this world moments and a glimpse into an actor’s very bright future.

Barely noticeable through Michelle Williams performance on My Week With Marilyn, Redmayne was already scoring some points. It’s a fine movie, you should take a look. Way before that he was a slice of bread on a talent sandwich, brought to you by Savage Grace. Major bed scene with Juliane Moore and Hugh Dancy. Savage Grace gave us this ginger dramatic mess of a Redmayne and it was so good. The movie is somewhat brutal, it’s totally weird, this guy is totally weird on it, but it leaves you craving for more Mr. Freckles. He delivers a strong, yet shaky performance, and bold decision making.

Redmayne is a triple threat, the reason it’s hard to question his talent just because. We got a clear sample of his vocal abilities on Les Misérables. He was a solid Marius, as fresh and vibrant as this french rich kid can be. We also know he can seriously turn heads TV wise. Just take Pillars of the Earth, a simple, unique and humble performance. Or even better, Birdsong, dramatic and raw. The guy sings, dances, acts and models, he’s just really crappy at coming up with new stories to tell on interviews (seriously, we know he went through some serious press blaze close to the Oscars, but he could have come up with more than 3 interesting set stories to tell). Although, we know he pretty much got the hang of it when it comes to selling himself, the pretty face and his shy ways help. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Eddie Addicts, marketing accounts for half of an actor’s success nowadays. The truth is indeed ugly.

He got his shinny dude named Oscar thanks to The Theory of Everything, a movie that is mostly about the performances and he had a flawless one. Devotion is one of the things that isn’t lacking on Redmayne’s repertoire, mimicking the movements, way of speaking and twitches, he was very much spot on (not that we ever had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Hawking, but, if the man himself approves, who are we to question it?). Up next there’s The Danish Girl, a movie that already made some serious buzz with a single picture. Tom Hooper + Eddie Redmayne seems to be turning into a formula for Hollywood success. We’ll see when we get to sit down for the biographical drama.

When it comes to bold creative decisions, Eddie Redmayne is very much able of causing some controversy. Jupiter Ascending, yet another bold move, left some wondering “wtf was this guy thinking” and another broad bunch questioning his Academy Award fresh out of the oven. Honestly, we kind of enjoyed it. Sure it was a questionable take on this weird villain, but it was different, without a doubt. And you know what? Different is good, different means evolution (or it can simply account for a pile of crappy roles). On the other hand, it’s this shaky path that leaves us wonder if this guy is truly going places or just eventually falling short and if his performances are truly a solid sequence of wonders or just this random rollercoaster of Oscar bait and acting catastrophes.

But, you know what? That’s the thing about Redmayne. He’s young, still not quite there yet, and he’s still making new choices and still carrying the balls to handle the consequences of those choices. You have no idea of what the kid is doing next. He takes bold creative paths apparently without fear (despite te fact that he admits he’s “entirely fueled by fear”) and, at the end of it all, that’s what will make or break his career. And we’re putting our money on the make part.


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