MI Rogue Nation: Beating Impossible Standards

Hunt is uniquely trained and highly motivated – a specialist without equal – immune to any countermeasures. There is no secret he cannot extract, no security he cannot breach, no person he cannot become. He has most likely anticipated this very conversation and is waiting to strike in whatever direction we move. Sir, Hunt is the living manifestation of destiny – and he has made you his mission.

And isn’t he a freaking cool “living manifestation of destiny”? Regular BMW carpools? Getting to 4 or 5 destinations in a couple days? Awesome masks? I would those damn things to prank the shit out of everyone, all day, every day.

Indeed, inevitably here we are, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. First of all, let’s stop with the —’s, since we’re already stuck to the  inconvenient :, it’s annoying titling mojo.
That’s it. I have no other complaints about this movie. The rest of this thing will go like a cool summer breeze, sit and enjoy.

Tom Cruise, the one and only, King of Action, we’re all not worthy. Not worthy. You can say all the crap you want about this guy, but you cannot, in all honesty, deny him some sort of title in the action world. Cruise has been promising crazier and crazier movies and he actually delivers, you cannot say he doesn’t. You’re all right, Tom, all right.

SPOILER ALERT, just for a paragraph, you can carry on after. Promise.

When I saw that the plane scene was opening this movie it just came to my mind HOLY FUCKING SHIT, if they’re opening with this, god only knows what there’s left to show.


The way even reaching the fourth sequel this fenomenal pit of stunts and chases and fighting sequences just keeps getting better and better it’s a rare thing, people. A true gem.

They know how to push it. Mission: Impossible is still sporting, in my eyes, the great combination of a proper sequence of insane action scenes with the right amount of metaphorical bullshit.

Also, badass female character alert. Not that this a tremendously dramatic role, but Rebecca Ferguson‘s eyes give way more than all of us paid for. Waiter, can we have a proper career for this lady over here? Thanks.

Besides all of that, this movie was quite clearly a classy gathering of the refreshing moments from other missions. The bike sequence, hello MI2, that chase towards the end through the shady streets of London, MI1 I felt it, right in the guts.

Now, it appears we have one more on the team, hopefully set for the sixth. Mainting this pace, the MIF we’ll be able to face other team in a futebol/soccer (whatever rocks your boat, keep in mind, 11 players) match. Hunt, with the height that one carries, I see a Messi, expect this one can hold is breath under water for 3 minutes (I actually joined him on that scene, almost died in the theatre by the time he reached the yellow thing).

Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie, quite the combination. Might it last.

On a side note abou the perks of being Christopher McQuarrie, it must be a shitload of fun to shoot one of these with Tom Cruise (aside from the perfectly manageable notion that you might be directing the movie that kills a celebrity carrying the bank account of a tiny country).

Just one more thing,

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) Trailer Still
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) Trailer Still

They really screwed us all on this one, didn’t they?


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