Good Will Hunting Lost on Mars

“Every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out.”

Matt Damon just showed up to “science the shit out of” the one basic instinct everyone thought certain before the “help each other out” crap. Will Hunting himself is giving everyone a lecture on survival and he brought a friend named Ridley. On a side note, let me tell you, Ridley is a fantastic friend to have around in space.

Some say The Martian will be the first realistic movie about martian colonization. On the other side of the kissing ass spectrum, we have critics calling Gravity/Interstellar knock-off on the Ridley Scott adaptation of Andy Weir’s out of this world (literally) novel.
To the first group, actually, I have nothing to say. How can anyone get to such a conclusion with a 3 minute trailer beats me completely. We know NASA helped, but… OK, I’ll stop questioning NASA.
To the second faction of idiots, laughs is all I have. So far, I’m pretty sure Alfonso Cuarón and Christopher Nolan, despite the abundance of awesome qualities in their work, would have to give their respective left nuts to beat Ridley Scott on the Sending People to Space Game. Besides, Matt Damon is not an a-hole on this one, I can’t say I’m not pleased about that.

This movie is also a long parade of incredible casting choices. Damon belongs in the lead role, the man was born to play the smart, blue eyed, nice guy next door. Jessica Chastain was born to play everything, seriously, she can do no wrong. The truth is I’m not totally convinced about Kate Mara, but Donald Glover already looks like a great surprise out of a single trailer.

High hopes for The Martian? You can bet I have plenty of those. Matt Damon back on the scope that he deserves, Ridley Scott back where he belongs (far, far away from Earth, the guy is a psycho, jk jk jk) in an awesome looking film with an insane cast. What could go wrong? Houston, I see no problems.

Excited about The Martian? We’d love to know more about that.


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