Anticipation High #1

You know that high you get when you’re about to watch a movie? Not the actual high of watching it, but the feeling of being high on a movie before you’re actually high on that movie? Of course you do. This is a list of prescription films ideal to get you high even before rolling the credits. 

Honorable mentions that already premiered but had me on the exact state of mind I just described also included. Items listed in no particular order.

1. The Martian

Already went on and on over this before the release. Check out Good Will Hunting Lost on Mars.
Weren’t we all waiting for one more excuse to embark on a mission to retrieve Matt Damon from some odd situation for like 2 years? I’ve been hyping about this movie since someone gathered Damon and Mars in one sentence. And it didn’t disappoint.

2. Black Mass

If The Martian didn’t disappoint, you can’t actually say the same thing about this Depp mess. I was prepared to enjoy this movie, no matter what, I trained my mind to go into this with a positive attitude. I failed. I wouldn’t say Black Mass is an absolute disaster, but it just falls short (and it’s one hell of a fall). It’s not like the fault is on Burton’s bff, Johnny actually pulls some of this dead weight of a script. But, all the characters are so meh, just meh, not even the world’s strongest man could carry this plot somewhere that’s green.

3. ’71

I’m still waiting for this one, since I haven’t actually seen it. “A soldier went missing” is a pretty nice premisse for a story. I was hooked partially because this movie is about a British soldier accidentally abandoned by his unit, following a riot on the deadly streets of Belfast in 1971, sounds cool, doesn’t it? Also because that soldier is Jack O’Connell and, last but not least, I wanted to check out Yann Demange‘s work beyond Top Boy (So, refrain from spoiling me, even if were talking about historical and documented stuff, please).

4. A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods is based on the homonymous 1998 memoir by Bill Bryson and it sounds like a really fun journey. The Robert Redford + Emma Thompson + Nick Nolte combo doesn’t hurt either. I’m not listing it because I think this is a movie capable of rocking the award season or something. Simple, honest movies are also a go. I’ve gotten used to the “bunch of old actors, sounds boring” reaction, but I’m keeping the faith on this one being fun. We’ll see.

5. The Walk

I’ve been waiting on this movie for quite some time. Actually, I’ve being waiting for someone to make a film about french high-wire artist Philippe Petit for quite some time. It just looks like a pretty rad story to tell, you know? I’ve always felt that the visual idea of it left room for an astonishing playground. I haven’t watched this one yet. Fingers crossed. Also hoping Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t disappoint, this guy has been rocking a pretty balanced acting path. Let’s keep it that way, Joe.

6. Everest

I complain frequently that Jason Clarke doesn’t show up in enough great stuff. I’m glad someone made a mission of shutting me up about this. Not so sure I’m glad that guy is Baltasar Kormákur, not yet a fan.
Anyways, this looks and feels pretty great just from the trailer. Fear, pain, despair, all great ingredients for a strong mix. Nonetheless, the movies getting that recipe just right are rare gems (baking metaphor + geology metaphor combo = 100 points).

7. Legend

Last, but definitely not least, there’s Legend. Honestly I’m not that big of a fan when it comes to Tom Hardy‘s work. I’m guessing it’s a personal thing, I have no actual complaints about his performances, I simply don’t love them (don’t hate me, OK). Yet, the amount of swag (I can’t find a more obvious way of phrasing this) on this entire thing is just too damn high for a total or even the slightest lack of excitement.
Who knows, maybe this is the one. Maybe this time I’ll fall in love with Tom Hardy to the same extent as the rest of the world already has.

Overwhelmed with excitement about ay of these movies?
How many have you watched already? Let us know!


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