Cameron Monaghan Everyone’s Personal Brand of Crazy

I love puppies, and I love animals in general. Besides that, I do martial arts: extreme martial arts. I also play real guitar and drums, and sing. And I’m taking some college classes, hoping to major in English and creative writing.

What else could you ask from this guy? The present [healthy] obsession surrounds Cameron Monaghan’s career. “Who the hell is Cameron Monaghan?” you might be asking yourself. And that’s a weird question to bring up. Who isn’t Cameron Monaghan, really? Or, let’s put it this way, is there some freaking character this guy can’t play? His filmography is pretty decent for a 22 year old, to say the least, but you might be more familiar with the Ian Gallagher side of this ginger pool of perfectly staged craziness (I will go loose on this term, not trying to offend anyone, since Ian is actually bipolar). To the US version of Shameless we can all add movies like Prom or Click or even Vampire Academy. Also The Giver, I haven’t checked that one out yet, sorry folks.

But, let me pull some honesty now, we’re not here because of any of those movies. Whilst I share a nostalgic moment with all of you, accompanied by Get on the Road by Tired Pony (yeah, that’s the hospital scene song from season 2, after Karen popped out Hyram and Lip freaked out), after witnessing


Jerome getting stabbed in the neck, I wonder about this guy’s future. Mostly hoping it can be as freaking brilliant as he is. He truly put a wonderful twist on this predecessor to the Joker himself and manage to light up an entire show that’s just going down the drain since mid first season (sorry, Gotham fans, I just cannot love it, I just can’t, I’ve tried). With a hint of Heath Ledger he still did his own thing and left everyone hoping for more (who knows, maybe Jerome will show up again in a ditch somewhere).

Next year he’ll take a part in the Amityville saga starring opposite to Bella Thorne. But, really, doesn’t this guy deserve a piece of real, hardcore, award winning filmmaking? I’m pretty sure he does. And I would bet time and time again on the acting skills of this Ian Gallagher’s alter ego.
On a side note, interesting face. I know it might seem like a futile thing to add, but this dude possesses a seriously pleasant face, a perfect attribute to shoot. No, seriously, bear with me, you could frame that however you please and it would still make a hell of a shot, because he’s actually beautiful (wow, that’s a heavy word, isn’t it? Notice I didn’t phrase that with the term “hot”), there’s symmetry and a couple of imperfections like the weird smiling wrinkles (I like faces, kill me). All of it is a very nice bonus to this ginger’s acting skills (and I promise the next actor I write about won’t be a redhead, really, I do).

Shameless US (Season 5)
Shameless US (Season 5)

That’s it. Most of this wasn’t even about movies. No one said this would be a serious blog.
So, Cameron Monaghan: one trick pony or versatile rising star? Let us know, the comment section is right below.


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