Anticipation High #2

You know that high you get when you’re about to watch a movie? Not the actual high of watching it, but the feeling of being high on a movie before you’re actually high on that movie? Of course you do. This is a list of prescription films aiming to get you high even before rolling the credits. 

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

Expecting for this one to beat the book, since that ending is far from exciting. Although it has the potential to look pretty good in movie form. Besides, since we apparently saved up literally all the action scenes from the last installment to show in Part 2, I expect some proper Hunger Games struggling.

2. Steve Jobs

Since Ashton Kutcher tanked the last Jobs’s biopic, we can only hope for greater things from a cast that includes Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet (honestly, I thought Jobs was OK, not a masterpiece, but not a piece of crap either, but to each their own, I guess). Steve Jobs is an interesting figure, I believe, especially if this movie avoids the sugar coating and allows for both good and bad of Apple’s brilliant maniac to show off.

3. Macbeth

Michael Fassbender once again. Plus Marion Cottilard. Plus Shakespeare. What more do you want, people? Are you not entertained?

4. Crimson Peak

Tom Hiddleston‘s ass. This one is exclusively about Tom Hiddleston’s ass. Serious talk now, something Guillermo del Toro related is always a gift, even if it’s just a weird gift you don’t actually like, it will always cheer up a Christmas gathering, you know what I mean? I have high hopes for this one, even though I’m not big on horror movies. Plus, Jessica Chastain, bless here, she’s wonderful. And I’m also hopping Tom Hiddleston has more to show besides is pale ass cheeks. Fingers crossed.

5. The Danish Girl

The continuation of Eddie Redmayne‘s adventures. Although it sounds like a polished and quite obvious Oscar bait role, the guy said yes to this way before getting into The Theory of Everything rocket. And Tom Hooper is always a charm, even if it’s just for his whimsical choices of wall paint. We can take it.
I just hope Redmayne goes for a really freaky choice, We Need To Talk About Kevin style, after this. Or after the new HP conundrum at least.

6. Sicario

One more badass performance from Emily Blunt. I’m down for that. Benicio Del Toro too? Shut up and take my money.

7. Spectre

The twenty-fourth James Bond film. Retirement seems to be a common plot line for Bond, now. Maybe it’s a good thing Daniel Craig is leaving. Or is he?
Anyways, Bond is Bond. It has my full support.


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