Star Wars: The Force Awakens and All That Jazz

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?

As usual, let’s just get a couple things straight before we start, actually just one. There’s two types of people: the ones that enjoy Star Wars, no matter how old they are, how old they were when they discovered it, where they came from, if they prefer boxers or briefs; and the ones that don’t. The second type, you mustn’t trust them. They’re despicable people with hearts made of ice and stone, they’re dead inside and they do not deserve your love and understanding.
Just kidding. You do your thing. But, please, please, at least give Star Wars a chance first. It’s not likely you’ll regret it.

My stance on Star Wars is very simple. I love it. All of it. I can even tolerate Jar Jar Binks with ease. I know, insane right? 1977, 1980, 1983 were definitely the golden years and the original three will always be my favorite version of Star Wars. But, the truth is that I don’t mind the prequels, I don’t usually rule them as unwatchable junk, they’re still fun.

And that’s the thing about Star Wars. It’s fun. You can spare the plot slips, you can forgive Jar Jar’s annoying ways and simply enjoy Keeping Up With The Skywalkers, because, seriously, they create and solve every single problem in that galaxy, alpha and omega, and all that crap, it’s full circle all the way for that family. But we won’t get into Star Wars mythological ways in this post, that’s a all new subject (and if you crave for random thoughts on that just let me know —> comment section).

My favorite character is and will always be Luke Skywalker and, if I ordered a lightsaber, it would definitely come in blue. (I get your thing Vader’s freaks) I simply know where my heart is. Mark Hamill is holding it.


Did I find this new take on Star Wars necessary? Absolutely not. But I watched it anyways. Because, how can you not, really?
Do I find Rogue One: A Star Wars Story an absolutely essential endeavor? Fuck no. Will I be paying for that ticket? You know it.

The truth is I found this post laying on the drafts, galleries and all, and I have no idea of what it was supposed to be, but I’m assuming it was probably an opinion on The Force Awakens. The thing is that I watched it such a long time ago I can’t really put my finger on what was there to comment on. It’s a real shame I didn’t type an opinion on that movie. Maybe I’ll do it in the near future. (If you really want it, let me know in the comments)

Meanwhile, how about a Star Wars marathon?


5 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens and All That Jazz

  1. I definitely believe that one’s favorite Star Wars trilogy has almost everything to do with nostalgia; I grew up with the prequels (Anakin will always have a place in my heart) and to this day they are my favorites. But I did watch the originals, and while they were great… it just wasn’t the same.

    I’m super excited for Rogue One, actually–more so than I was for The Force Awakens. Maybe it’s the whole “rebellion” thing and the political take. I dunno.

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    1. I’m just a sucker for the classics. Sometimes I can become a slightly pretentious purist, over analyzing if a prequel, sequel, remake, reboot, you name it, is really really really worth it or just a new excuse for milking some cinematographic cow.
      I wasn’t really around for the first trilogy, but it must have been something out of this world finding out the dude is his father on the spot. Besides, Star Wars was absolutely fresh by the time it premiered, never before seen, and I find it to be as relevant today as it was in ’77. It’s quite the rudimentary tale, but it works with such ease I think you cannot avoid joy every time you watch it. And you can never get tired of watching those freaking movies. At least I cannot.

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      1. There was definitely something magical about the original trilogy. I’d watch them over and over again too. Now, can’t really say the same for the others.-Well, mostly just 4. Er, 1. Whatever.

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  2. I did the whole Star Wars marathon just before “The Force Awakens” came out. Definitely fall in the first category of people! 🙂
    By the way, is your comments section really supposed to be black on black?

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