Suicide Squad: 30 Seconds to Awesome

It’s taken me some time, but I finally have them. The worst of the worst.

I have to admit. I was skeptical about this shit from the get-go. The trailers didn’t convince me, it all seemed like a bunch of overcut bullshit rolled in a good soundtrack.

The soundtrack is still pretty good, heck, it’s probably the winning department here. (Guardians, here’s your match) But the rest of it just as awesome, or at least something close. And it’s especially, and this is indeed a special trait nowadays, original.

From the over the top stylized details and the annoying typography to the cross country excuse for a script, it’s the full package. Quite literally, the fucking thing makes and breaks its own villain, that’s some wtf shit right there. You mean, a long list of stupid decisions makes for the entire premise of the movie? Fuck yeah, it does. Viola Davis is an idiot, gangster, but still and idiot. (Or at least Amanda Waller is, Mrs. Davis seems to be a lovely lady and she’s great as Amanda, she can do no wrong) Yet, in all honesty, it’s not like we’re not used to plot devices composed of stupidity and we can all complain, but it’s not like anyone is listening.

The truth is that whatever Suicide Squad might make you feel, it actually makes you feel something. And in this day in age, when we’re surrounded from all sides by overworked half humans in metal suits, that’s half the battle. Even if revealed completely in a bunch of trailers. Seriously, no joke, you can see the all thing on just trailers.

Our two real heroes might sound, at least half of them, unlikely. Will Smith (yeah, I don’t find him to be that much of a legend, kill me) and Margot Robbie freaking destroy this. They’re all they need to be and then some. I have to admit I never gave two fucks about Suicide Squad, I enjoy my fair share of comics, but never actually touched any of that. I know Harley, but that’s because everyone knows Harley (and we’ll probably meet way more “experts” on her character traits in the next few weeks). Does that mean I cared about her? Not really. Do I care about her now? Probably for the next few movies, sure. (Sorry, she’s just not my cup of tea) But Margot Robbie definitely is. Whatever she did with Quinn she did good, great, awesome. Kudos to her, she’s just mesmerizing. And it’s not about that excuse for shorts. It goes way beyond. And it’s incredible.

Even more incredible is the way we’ve reduced Joker to a Harley Quinn prop. It’s glorious. You couldn’t make for better empowering storytelling if you hired a team of feminazis. It’s romanticized, sure, but it doesn’t run from the real deal in a convincing way, this is not just a twisted love story, he damaged the shit out of this girl. Actually, let’s stay in this Joker topic for a while. I might not care that much for Harley, but I was, like most, processing this new Joker for the at least half a year. And let me tell you, meh. Jared Leto was all talk, gifting snakes and going all method, because I didn’t actually see him deliver. Zero fucks were given about this joker. We can only hope they step it up.

Cara. Cara Delevingne sucks. Forgive me, but you’ll not make me fall for this performance, not in a million years. There’s an entire world of better actresses to play this role. She was blank, dull and unnecessary. Also, Enchantress was totally sending some Cher vibes, just, so wrong.

This all was a fine manner of presenting the team with no collateral damage and some nice Easter bat eggs. (I know bats are mammals, let me have this OK) Will you get that bitter plot hole taste after getting this down the hatch? Probably. Will it matter? Not really. Dude, you only live once. The montage of this hellhole is super convincing at least for 70% of it, same goes for the plot. It looks good, I get it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, hell, it’s not mine, but it’s solid. The actors do a fine job. What more do you want? Are you not entertained?

Suicide Squad has its moments. It knows when to hit the drama button and play the “let’s murder this one” card. It shows up bold and heavy, defiant and fresh. It’s not perfect. But, it’s a great start.



3 thoughts on “Suicide Squad: 30 Seconds to Awesome

  1. Awesomely fun post! Had me laughing out loud xD we agree critics are just full of bs. Had loads of fun watching Suicide Squad and its crazy bunch. Excited to see what DCEU has to offer after that. Cheers!

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