A Good Old Adaptation #1 – Goodreads

Here’s how adaptation works – almost everything in the movie is in the book in some form. But it’s as though the deck has been completely reshuffled and some of the cards have been assigned different values, some of the fours have been made into jacks, and some of the jacks have been made into twos.

Hollywood is less original by the minute. Adaptations became the film addicts daily bread. We’ve learned to just roll with it, we probably shouldn’t, but mankind has this thing for comfort and studios have this thing for making a quick buck, and we just go on about our lives complaining about shitty overdone plots, getting ignored and falling back onto good old adaptations.

I’ll say I enjoy going through books that became movies or are about to. This doesn’t mean I’m up for 100% adaptations and zero original scripts. I’m actually not that fond of the amount of non-original work we’re getting from the film industry nowadays. It’s a non related pleasure of mine to read books that inspired movies, for many reasons. Knowing how a book translates into a movie, how the screenwriter handled the original stuff, how much sticks to the manuscript, if any lines are exactly the same, if it looks just how I pictured it in my mind and so on, and on. Interesting stuff.

With that in mind, besides Facebook and Twitter, this blog is also going Goodreads. Lists of all the books that became movies and all the books that showed up after the movie (yep, there’s some out there) that I’ve read and the ones I want to get my hands on.Also, there’s a shelf for your suggestions, mighty follower of this blog.
Just let us know about your favorite adaptations, leave them in the comment box bellow or at Goodreads and they’ll be figured on the page (unless you’re just trolling me, in which case, not really).

Good Reads and Good Movies be with you!


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