Random Trailer #2 – Snowpiercer

Random Trailer is about just that. Random trailers and why they matter. Or why they don’t matter at all. It’s all very random, because you only live once. 

Shit hit the fan on this planet’s climate change situation and now what remains of mankind is stuck in a train. And this train sucks, let me tell you.

The premise of this movie is super nuts. And I loved it. Besides, I really like Jamie Bell, so this is a little gem just by that. And we also have Tilda Swinton and Cap. Sold. I’m watching it today. Feel free to either join me and share your thoughts after or simply tell me what you think about it right now because you’ve already watched it or something.

Happy random movies!
Also, you can find more movie suggestions on our Facebook page. Use #SuggestMeAMovie for more content.


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