The Right Movie

There is this unquestionably overwhelming, mesmerizing, extraordinary power in the right movie. 
That one piece of cinematographic gimmicks that can take you from bummed out to super hero in a couple hours. Heck, in a couple minutes even (Short-film makers are certainly a very rare and wonderful breed).

The right movie can change every day. As we all do.

Sometimes, a burning hot combination of spy moves and super hero stunts can bring a never ending level of confidence to your ordinary day. Don’t you feel that sudden urge to frantically run like Tom Cruise on the middle of the street, for no reason whatsoever, at the end of a Mission Impossible? Would you not be absolutely ready to defeat a herd of malevolous aliens by the time the second post-credit scene of any Marvel movie finishes? Or any DC Entertainment movie (I don’t judge, you go ahead and take what you enjoy the most).

Other days the right movie can take you on this rampage of idiotic feelings. You laugh, you cry, you giggle like a teenager on heat, you feel this uncontrollable need to call all your ex’s… Or tell your mom you love her. Or quit your job and follow your dreams. Or become whatever that main character on the screen is. The depressed painter, the fearce reporter, the unbreakable athlete, the honorable judge, the inspiring president.

If you have to go through your entire list of “Movies I’ve watched” to find what I’m talking about, trust me, you have yet to see it. Right movies come in many shapes and sizes, genres and formats. You may find just one, above every other thing anyone in the history of filmmaking has ever come up with, or you can have one for every day of the week, or dozens promptly ready for every single occasion (I know I do). But, trust me (one more time), once you find the right movie, you become a different person.

You see, that’s the thing about the right movie. And I know I can write this without even blinking because I’m a proud owner of a long list of right movies. The right movie can, and most certainly will, change your life. It will grab your sad days by the balls and make sure you know everything will be OK as long as there’s still some cinema left. It will shake your beliefs to the core, leave your panties in a bunch, make you do something you never actually thought your should really do. It will allow you to see the world like you’ve never seen it before. It may show you wonderful dreams and give free range to your incredible imagination. Or it can be a reminder, a raw neatly touched up Hollywood reminder, of how the world can be a horrible place, of how we were able to, more than enough times, turn it into a horrible place.

There’s a qwerky bit of truth in every right movie, truth about your own self. A character that you see eye to eye. A story that you shall never forget. That one quote absolutely capable of making you cry, no matter the time or place. That wonderful frame that you still haven’t quite found a match to. That one song that plays continuously in your mind when you can’t fall asleep. That same nightmare that repeats over and over again, and that is why you can’t sleep (Damn you, Paranormal Activity). That one DVD you always take to your friend’s house, even though no one can, or will, take one more second of that film (I’m sorry, A Clockwork Orange, but it’s not even my fault). That linger at the end of a scene that still gives you chills. The way that actor just clicked for you, right there, on that frown, on that smile, on that devious remark. The way you had to google absolutely everything that director ever did and found yourself looking for impossible torrents to find, from college short-films so obscure you don’t even think he or she would still own a copy. The way you can replay it in your mind, scene by scene, and you get pissed every time you can´t quite remember something. The way, even when you hate rewatching movies (Hey, that’s me), you still don’t change channels if you find it while zapping (I still watch TV, I know, pre-historical creature here). The way it makes you feel when the credits roll and you just finish using your beat up tissue to clean those last dramatic tears and make up that wonderfully theatrical “everything is OK with the world” smile, even if everything isn’t OK with the world, it never is, but, for a second there, the right movie will make you forget about that.

The right movie is the healthiest of obsessions.
Share yours.


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