3 Day Quote Challenge #1 – La vita è bella

Questa è la mia storia, questo è il sacrificio che mio padre ha fatto, questo è stato il suo regalo per me.

I came across this 3 Day Quote Challenge, I’m not 100% sure that’s still a thing, no one challenged me to do it, but I just feel like doing it, so, I’m doing it. #Savage
Besides, the ones that have spent like two minutes on this blog are quite aware of my love for a good quote.

The rules are simple
Three quotes for three days (consecutive or not, your pick).
The quotes can be about whatever, from whomever.
Three nominees each day (no repetitions).
Thank the person who nominated you.
Inform the nominees.

La vita è bella (1997)

La vita è bella is just one of those movies. A DVD I would take with me to the grave if we could only watch a certain amount of movies on the afterlife until the end of time, ok, I’m going too far with this. Actually, reconsidering, I’m not sure I’d spend eternity with such a sad movie. But, I would definitely miss it. And that’s more than enough.

There’s a considerable amount of people complaining about Roberto Benigni winning that Academy Award ever since he jumped off his seat. Those people can eat my shorts. He deserved all the awards he got and then some. Sure, Roberto Benigni has made some mistakes throughout his career, but this movie is most definitely not one of them. I name it the best Holocaust related movie there is. And I know how powerful that statement must look like (despite being just a random opinion from a random blogger). Yet, up until this point in my life, that’s how I feel about the long list of movies scripted around this tragic series of events, so, that’s how it’s going to be until I change my mind. (How utterly useless this paragraph was, am I right)

Everything about this script is fantastic and some lines are absolute gold. I picked one that can move me to tears even without the context of the movie, so engraved in my mind it is by this point. That’s how Giosuè sums up the story. And it’s glorious.

What’s your favorite movie quote? Let me know on the comment section.

Also, for the first day of the 3 Day Quote Challenge I nominate
A Place We Like
Nice and varied. Good luck, folks!




6 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge #1 – La vita è bella

      1. Honestly, I have no idea 😅 so we’re 2 in the noob category… but good thing I saw it. I’ll start 3 day quote challenge then


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