The Dreamers: Must See

Yes, I’m drunk. And you’re beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober but you’ll still be beautiful.

The Dreamers. That movie every hipster must watch on their rite of passage from youth normality to the land of special snowflakes. The Dreamers. That movie about student riots, incest and a naked Eva Green. The Dreamers. That movie made up of a bunch of other movies.

Let’s focus on this last stance. There’s an interesting group of films that go into the making of The Dreamers. There are also numerous interesting moments that prompt such references throughout all that drama. I already knew some of them, they’re pretty standard all around film lovers references, but I was unsure on another bunch. So, to not leave a single soul that saw this as our suggestion on Facebook confused, as one does, I got browsing.

virginwolf, MUBI
Bruna Léo, Letterboxd

In addition, I’m devoted to prompt a tag around this movie, right here, right now. So, I’m challenging three bloggers to watch three of the movies included in The Dreamers (The Dreamers doesn’t count obviously) and share their thoughts on each of those movies. You’re free to make whatever you wish out of that post, but it must have something to do with one of these references (the ones above and more that I might have missed).

So, the rules are simple.
Pick three movies out of the list of references in the 2003 film The Dreamers.
Make three separate posts about them, one for each.
You can write, photograph, share whatever you want about them.
They don’t have to be consecutive posts, but they cannot be more than one month apart.
Ping back your challenger.
Challenge a grand total of three more bloggers, one per post.
Tag it #TheDreamersChallenge.
Keep it nice and friendly, don’t be an asshole.

The answers to my own challenge will be added to the blog and updated in this post. I already know which movies I’m going to use.
The Cameraman (1928)
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Persona (1966)

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