Rituals: Inspire and Motivate Other People

I like to visualize all the dance and go through each step in my mind.

Rituals with Laura Ling is a beautifully put together collection of interviews that revolves around the power that certain rituals might have on the interviewee’s life. It’s a great playlist if you need inspiration or you just want to be amazed by the extent of the importance our long list of individual stories might have on defining our species.

I’m fascinated with people. I know that sounds half weird / half pretentious, but I’m able to loose myself for hours on end on other people’s stories. Or make them up, really. I also enjoy coming up with life stories for the random people I come across with, for instance on the subway or at a checkout line, whenever I’m feeling bored. If you also do this, please, let me know I’m not alone. Seriously.
I can also go all Sherlock on them, like, imagine you look at someone’s hands and you can see a less tanned mark of a ring but the ring isn’t there anymore, the potential is endless for divorce dramas. Anyways, I’ll shut up about it now.

Therefore, these sorts of channels always get the best of me. When you’re able to find someone with a touch for picking random strangers to engage in conversation, you should never let go. That’s why I subscribed to Seeker Stories.

I swear this is not some sort of sponsored post. You should see my stats, who would EVER pay for that? I just genuinely like this channel and thought you might like it too.
Besides, I had nothing else to talk about. Actually, I had plenty to talk about, but all so extensive I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it and I’m trying to post daily. Why? Just because. Stop questioning my life choices. Just go and waste the rest of you day on Youtube.


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