Nocturnal Animals: Couture Revenge

Do you ever feel like your life is turning into something you never intended?

I decided to watch Nocturnal Animals right after Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, let me tell you, that was quite the clash. It’s also quite the task to believe this is only Tom Ford’s second movie.
The story line is quite intriguing and its structure is commendable, yet, it leaves me wanting more of that plot from the book. I wish the movie was just that, the story in that book. Because let’s be honest the juiciest and most horrific moments come from just that.
One could say the ending leaves a lot of things open. We all know there’s a number of theories flying by about what it all meant. But, I’m one with the conservative group that simply believes the book reflects what that guy went through when he had to witness his wife depart after she deemed proper to kill their unborn child. (Uff, that sentence lasted forever) The fact he didn’t show up at the restaurant just goes to complete the all revenge vibe the movie hands out. Because the only thing worse than hate is, indeed, indifference.

I was not indifferent to the acting in this movie, though. Amy Adams, we owe that woman some proper recognition in the form of an Academy Award for so long I’m starting to consider her a proper replacement for Leonardo DiCaprio. Everything she touches turns to gold. There’s a grace to her, the sort of grace that marks the great actresses that live way beyond their legacy. An unspoken beauty that works for most things. She is incredible and can do no wrong and does no wrong to this character. Although most of her acting revolves around sad faces in a couch, sad faces in a bed and annoyed expressions facing paintings. I’m not sure Ford knew how to take full advantage of the great talent he had in his hands, but I won’t go as far as to say he completely ignored it.
One cool thing was probably the fact that yet again we get someone who realizes how much Isla Fisher looks like Amy Adams and vice versa, I wish she worked more, way more. I find her to be quite an interesting professional and I do like her work, I just wish I could see more of it.
Jake Gyllenhaal is simply Jake. He’s always brilliant. He delivers the troubled, desperate, consumed by guilt husband and he does it well. His chemistry with Amy is successful at all times.

Ford shows great sensibility with his visuals, which one can suppose is sort of natural given is line of work. The movie is framed well, the sets are interesting and serve as complement to the plot more than enough times. Note that awesome paralelism between the murder scene and the teen post-coital scenario. The colour combos play very well and obviously the clothes are on point. The game this crew manages to prompt from lighting and movement is quite daunting and effective, it makes you feel queasy and desperate to flee, much like the characters. That shows great skill and attention to detail in a planned out, well executed, quirky take on the wonders of cinematography.

Tom Ford might not be that experienced officially, or in what his Wikipedia page is concerned, but Nocturnal Animals turns out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. It’s far from perfect and I can understand it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. But, it reveals a nice amount of effort towards making something out of the box (and oh, boy do we need that), it’s very watchable and quite interesting. So, no loses in this game.

Go watch it (well, if you like, I can’t actually make you do it) and tell me all your thoughts on it in the comments.


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